Full Report from the Cross industry discussion on recovery strategies from COVID-19 23 March 2020

The full Report from the meeting held on Monday 23 March with peak industry bodies on how we can recover economically and as a community from COVID-19.

The full report here: Cross-industry group meeting_report_270320

Initial Research Summary slides here: Industry Meeting – Covid19 research 3 Slides

Thank you Ipsos for providing the research.

Statement from today’s COVID-19 Queensland cross-industry meeting

Today  the Committee for Brisbane hosted the first cross industry meeting on the COVID-19 pandemic in Queensland.

Read the statement here: Industries call on governments to invest in jobs_media release_230319

Thank you Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) for hosting the meeting as per the health and social distancing protocols.

Coordinated COVID-19 Recovery Initiative

On Monday 23 March at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre: The Committee for Brisbane is coordinating a cross-industry approach to developing recovery strategies from the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the business community, we have the resources, experience and thought leadership to consider and plan a wide range of strategic responses to the COVID-19 impacts on our community.

View the Statement here: CFB COVID 19 Statement 18 March 2020

For further information please email admin@committeeforbrisbane.org.au