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May 13, 2017

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How many housing experts does it take to change a light bulb? At least 50…

Highlights of Day 2 of our combined conference with QShelter and The Future Housing Taskforce, Friday, June 2 include:


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How great design will change everything about the future of housing

SPEAKER: Jamie Durie OAM, International award winning designer & author, brings global design excellence to the Future of Australian Housing Conference 2017

Jamie Durie has built a boutique international business based on award-winning design, that has evolved from landscape architecture into interior/exterior design and furniture. His team has created its own language to express their design ethos: ‘transterior’ – creating seamless transitions between the indoors & out. He is an international designer, the author of books and magazines, a TV host. His outlook is global, and his insights into the importance of great design in the future of Australian housing are not to be missed.
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How energy innovations will change the future of housing

SPEAKER: Paul Graham, Chief Economist at CSIRO Energy Flagship gives us his energy predictions and how they will make fundamental changes to the future of housing.

Paul Graham’s proactive keynote address will challenge not only the way we think about how energy will be supplied to housing in the near future, but also how this will fundamentally change the way housing is used, designed, marketed, valued, renovated, and built. The transformational change that new energy innovations will bring need to be understood by any business that has any involvement in the residential markets.
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How the Currumbin Eco-village changed the future of housing

SPEAKER: Kerry Shepherd, Co-founder, Currumbin Eco-village is a great example of making your housing dreams come true.

Can something you dream up in your garage actually happen? The dream that Kerry Shepherd and her husband Chris Walton had in 1990 in their garage at Budds Beach Surfer Paradise did. Kerry’s inspirational story about how their dream for the Eco-village at Currumbin turned into an multi-award winning community of over 300 hundred residents is not to be missed.
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How high-performance housing, water sensitive design and sustainable urban landscapes can change the future of housing

SPEAKER: Dr Josh Byrne, The ABC presenter and Director of Josh Byrne & Associates gives us real-time performance data so we can all understand the benefits of high-performance housing.

Dr Josh Byrne, The ABC presenter and academic has an integrated monitoring system, comprised of around 70 individual channels of data logging. This includes sensors to monitor local weather conditions such as temperature, wind, humidity, rainfall and solar radiation; internal room temperatures, as well as concrete slab, ceiling, roof cavity and roof surface temperatures; metering of all water sources (mains, rainwater, greywater, and bore); as well as gas and electrical supply (grid and rooftop PV system) and their respective sub-metered usage. This will enable a detailed thermal and operational energy footprint to be determined for the complete site, including the energy footprint of all water supplies, for example, thereby informing the performance of best practice sustainable design to be analysed and reported.
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How to collaborate to create better housing

SPEAKER: Jeremy McLeod, Breathe Architecture, and on the board of Directors of Nightingale shares 12 essential measures that make Nightingale Housing unique

Jeremy McLeod, Breathe Architecture and Nightingale Housing will show how the current status quo model primarily aims to deliver buildings with maximum financial yields, rather than focusing on the people who will live there or their impact on the environment and local communities. Jeremey will show how Nightingale Housing is uniquely placed to help deliver tangible, meaningful, visitable and assessable built outcomes across a range of housing types.
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The great debate – Can every Australian own their own home?

Join us for a lively debate about the future of housing and indeed if every Australian can actually achieve the dream of owning a home.

The for team will be lead by Kevin Doodney
Team against lead by Rachel Watson
The Moderator is Tim Cox

Property Games Kids

SPEAKERS: Participants in The Property Games

Is winning in the property market, just a simple matter of education? We catch up with the participants in the Property Games and find out how they are achieving amazing success, having had zero financial resources and a very basic knowledge of how property works.

For more information visit.…

Federal policy settings which will create more housing for more people

SPEAKER: The Hon Chris Bowen MHR, Member for McMahon, Shadow Federal Treasurer, Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen’s policies which will create more housing for more people

Some boffins have Federal Labor pinned to win the next Federal election. If so, the Chris Bowen may well be Treasurer, and his views on the future of housing, and the Commonwealth’s role in shaping and delivering federal policy will be of critical importance to any person who has an active interest in the future of Australia’s housing. The Palaszczuk Government has called on the Commonwealth to protect Queenslanders by providing long-term certainty for housing and homelessness funding agreements.


How to utilise the NDIS to create independent housing in the future

SPEAKER: Harry Carrick, Tara Consulting shows us how to utilise the NDIS to create independent housing in the future

Harry Carrick is a Director of Tara Consulting and provides independent advisory and review services to the property development and infrastructure sectors across Australia. He works extensively with Multicap, and his experience in delivering bespoke independent housing for people with disabilities provides him with unique and informative insights in delivering this housing via the NDIS.

Homes for Homes – this changes just about everything

SPEAKER: Steve Persson, CEO, The Big Issue introduces the Homes for Homes concept which could be the initiative that changes everything for the homeless

Steve Persson is the CEO of The Big Issue, and will be making a major announcement at the conference about the Homes for Home initiative – Homes for Homes raises new funding to tackle homelessness through a tax deductible donation on the sale of registered properties. The funds are invested to increase the supply of social and affordable dwellings.


Closing of Conference

SPEAKER: Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works takes centre stage on the future of Australian housing

The Hon Mick de Brenni wants to invest in innovative ideas that can help transform communities and improve outcomes right along the housing continuum. He’s stated that housing creates jobs through the construction phase, but affordable housing also supports ongoing employment. “It’s much easier to secure and maintain employment or complete education when you have safe, stable accommodation to live in.”


Walk through small housing designs and innovations

There will be a number of walk through housing designs and innovation exhibitors in the main hall.



Half day, full day or two day passes available. BDA membership discounts apply.

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The Committee For Brisbane acknowledges the First Nations People of the region and their continuing connection to and care of the land, waters and community of that region.
We also pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Photos by Tony Elsom