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May 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter

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Our first online event

Thanks to the support and advice of Committee for Brisbane member Struber, and Patron member Urbis, we will be presenting our first online events on 12 & 14 May 2020.

“Mission Fit Cities: exploring global competitiveness in the post-pandemic age” will be a two-part presentation by Urbis’ Kate Meyrick and James Tuma.

In part one of the live-streamed events, Urbis will look at the changing competitive landscape and where Brisbane should be looking for economic alliances, assessing who its new rivals will be for talent and capital, and discussing what kind of city and society will emerge from the pandemic experience.

In part two, James Tuma will explore six themes that underpin a “thrive” agenda for Brisbane to drive its competitive advantage as a next-generation city, and discuss how government, industry and the community can work more collaboratively.

Welcome new members

The Committee for Brisbane is pleased to welcome these 19 members to “the family” who have joined so far in 2020:

Corporate Members:

  • Aurecon
  • Cardno
  • Smithfield Property Group
  • SNC-Lavalin
  • Struber
  • 6YS

Enterprise Members:

  • Cross River Rail Authority
  • InQueensland
  • 55 Comms

Individual Members:

  • Gene Moyle
  • Simon White
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Chris Skou
  • Aaron Tham
  • John Marshall
  • Todd Hacking
  • Wilma James
  • John Tynan
  • Geoff McFarlane

COVID-19 Recovery Strategies

The Committee for Brisbane has been active over the past few weeks in setting up structures to assist planning for the region’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been encouraged by the enthusiasm of members to participate in that process, and by the number of peak bodies and industry groups that have pulled together in a coalition to present a coordinated voice to government.

Committee for Brisbane Recovery Strategy Group

The Committee has established a Recovery Strategy Group of more than 30 of its members who are working on strategic responses for a strong economic recovery from the pandemic lockdown.

The Recovery Strategy Group will work collaboratively on issues/opportunities of shared interest and will focus on working with governments to provide suggestions, advice and recommendations to assist the greater Brisbane economy to recover from the pandemic and lockdown.

The members of the Committee for Brisbane Recovery Strategy Group are:

  1. Dr Aaron Tham (University of the Sunshine Coast, South Bank)
  2. Andrew Thompson & Partners
  3. APP
  4. Arcadis
  5. Architectus
  6. Articulous
  7. Aurecon
  8. BBS Communications Group
  9. BDO
  10. Brisbane Airport Corporation
  11. Cardno
  12. Conrad Gargett
  13. David Hertweck
  14. Davidson
  15. Food Connect Shed
  16. Geoff McFarlane
  17. GHD
  18. Hassell Studio
  19. Ipsos
  20. Lendlease
  21. McCullough Robertson Lawyers
  22. Mecone
  23. Metro Arts
  24. Place Design Group
  25. Portfolio Creative Services Group
  26. PwC
  27. Sharon Baker & Co
  28. 6YS
  29. The Tivoli
  30. Three Plus
  31. Urbis

The Management Team comprises:

  • Debbie Smith, Markets Managing Partner, PwC
  • Jo Thomas, CEO + Creative Director, Metro Arts
  • Kirsti Simpson, Principal, Hassell Studio
  • Melinda Peters, Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers
  • Michael Stott, Director, Urbis
  • Robbie Marshall, APAC Operations Manager, Senior Principal – Civil Engineering, Cardno
  • Ross Elliott, Regional General Manager, APP
  • Sharon Baker, Director, Sharon Baker & Co
  • Annie Macnaughton, Director – Members and Partnerships, Committee for Brisbane
  • Barton Green, CEO, Committee for Brisbane

The Queensland Response and Recovery Coalition (QRRC)

The Queensland Response and Recovery Coalition comprises more than 20 peak bodies and industry groups that have agreed to work together on strategic responses.

The QRRC formed out of a cross-industry meeting coordinated by the Committee for Brisbane in late-March. The report from that meeting can be found here.

The QRRC has offered its services to the State Government to assist with longer-term strategic thinking. The QRRC believes that governments and industry must find the space and time, now, to start recovery planning.

An initial meeting with the State was held on 22 April and the list of the QRRC’s recommendations and ideas to the State can be found here.

The QRRC’s Statement of Purpose is:

COVID-19 is a strategy-derailing event that will require structural and governance responses to recalibrate the economy.

The Queensland Response and Recovery Coalition (QRRC) is a collective of peak bodies and industry groups, assembled to provide coordinated and relevant strategic advice to the state’s key decision makers.

By harnessing the knowledge and experience of this diverse group, the QRRC will inform government planning, policies and investment for economic recovery and long-term success.

The reputation of both Brisbane and Queensland will be determined by how we manage the response to the pandemic and how we plan for recovery – by improving the economy, maintaining collaborative government, and benefitting our society. This task is too big for governments alone.

The QRRC will look upward and forward to help plan for Queensland’s recovery, building on the State’s competitive advantages to create a better, stronger economy for our future.

The QRRC is now a member of a stakeholder group that will meet weekly with the State Government to progress recovery ideas.

The QRRC is made up of the following organisations:

  1. Australian Industry Group
  2. Australian Institute of Architects
  3. Australian Retailers Association
  4. Civil Contractors Federation Queensland
  5. Committee for Brisbane
  6. Council of Mayors (SEQ)
  7. Engineers Australia
  8. Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia
  9. Live Performance Australia
  10. Master Electricians Australia
  11. National Association for the Visual Arts
  12. National Retail Association
  13. Office of Queensland Chief Entrepreneur
  14. Property Council of Australia
  15. Property Leaders Brisbane
  16. QMusic
  17. Queensland Hotels Association
  18. Queensland Major Contractors Association
  19. Queensland Tourism Industry Council
  20. Real Estate Institute of Queensland
  21. South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce

To manage the day-to-day affairs of the QRRC, a Management Group has been established, comprising:

  • Alice-Anne McRobbie, State Manager – Queensland, Australian Institute of Architects
  • Angela Samut, CEO, QMusic
  • Barton Green, CEO, Committee for Brisbane
  • Damian Long, CEO, Civil Contractors Federation Queensland
  • Leanne Kemp, Queensland Chief Entrepreneur
  • Matthew Mackey, Founder, Property Leaders Brisbane
  • Rebecca Andrews, Head – Queensland, Australian Industry Group
  • Scott Smith, CEO, Council of Mayors SEQ
  • Todd Hacking, CEO, Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia

International network on COVID-19

On Good Friday, Committee for Brisbane CEO Barton Green participated in a videoconference of 11 cities across the globe, organised by some of our international peers: Barcelona Global and Regional Plan Association of New York.

The Committee for Brisbane and the Committee for Sydney were the Australian participants on the call. Other cities participating were Tel Aviv, Vienna, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, New York and Barcelona.

This was the second link-up of the week – an earlier video conference involved the cities of Cape Town, Hong Kong, Paris, Glasgow and Amsterdam.

This report is a summary of the discussions and provides some interesting reading about how cities and governments are responding to the pandemic (as at mid-April 2020).

There are many parallels with the discussions the Committee for Brisbane has been having and with some of our early suggestions for recovery strategies.

Communications and Engagement Standing Sub-Committee

A Communications and Engagement Standing Sub-Committee has been formed to ensure the Committee remains strategically engaged with its members, partners and stakeholders through its various channels and event forums, including how events are held during the COVID-19 lockdown.

At the Sub-Committee’s first meeting in early April it was made clear that the Committee for Brisbane must continue to present events that challenge, stimulate and continue our goal to make greater Brisbane the world’s most liveable region.

The Sub-Committee members are:

  • Amanda Newberry, Managing Director, Articulous
  • Kylie Blucher, Vice-President CFB; Managing Director, Nine Qld and Nine Northern NSW
  • Paul Turner, Committee Member CFB; Chief Communication Officer, RACQ
  • Peter Kelly, Vice-President CFB; Executive Director, Three Plus
  • Stephanie Paul, Managing Director, Phillips Group
  • Scott Thompson – Director, 55 Comms
  • Barton Green, CEO, Committee for Brisbane
  • Annie Macnaughton, Director – Members and Partnerships, Committee for Brisbane

The Sub-Committee is being chaired by Paul Turner.

COVID-19 Consumer and behavioural Research

Committee for Brisbane member and international research firm, Ipsos, is sharing its COVID-19 related research with members, with some interesting insights into consumer behaviour around the world. You can see the latest report here.

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The Committee For Brisbane acknowledges the First Nations People of the region and their continuing connection to and care of the land, waters and community of that region.
We also pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Photos by Tony Elsom